Сountries of central and eastern Europe (CEE region countries) are varied in their sizes and maturity of the entrepreneurship scenes, but one thing is consistent: the strength of the entrepreneurs. Countries like Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and the Czech Republic consistently demonstrate the prowess of CEE talents.


Every year, CEE produces 1.2 million graduates, many of them with working proficiency in altogether 4 languages, which they use on a daily basis.


80% of the Lithuanian population, 71% in Poland and 85% in Serbia are willing to try new payment methods.


The region is at the forefront of antivirus protection technology. Avast and AVG, for instance, account for roughly 25% of the global market share.


In the OECD’s rankings, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Latvia are all in the top 30 countries with the best scores in mathematics.


The first electronic computer, first digital watch, automatic steam espresso coffee machine, the jet engine, insulin, CD-ROM and many other inventions have their origins in CEE.

Russia is the most diverse startup ecosystem, filled to the brim with serial entrepreneurs building globally competing startups, and coming not only from Moscow! Poland is topping the list of the most aggressively growing startup scene. Its huge talent base is a result of strong tech education in universities, which started at the beginning of the 2000

With one of the fastest internet connections in Europe, high level of electronic communications infrastructure and alignment with the EU legal framework, Moldova is a testing ground for new mobile communications technologies. For instance, 4G technology was implemented in Moldova in 2012.

Ukraine is a paradise for hardware products. This country has a strong tech educational system and very affordable prices to build, test and produce hardware prototypes.

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